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Weddings can be stressful; we know all that! Which is why Village Shop Dublin is dedicated to catering towards all your big day needs.

The bride isn’t the only one who needs the perfect dress, the mother of the bride is just as special. We want you to look and feel the part with one of our beautiful dresses designed specifically for this special role.

Endlessly trawling through websites is nothing short of a chore, so we have the best options waiting for you to discover. Take a look and fall in love with one of our dresses today.

Thanks to Irish Roofers in Rathfarnham, Dublin

As a business owner, it is important to have your building and shop looking its best. This is more so true when it comes to your roof. We were having some issues with the roof of our shop and knew it required a few repairs. We decided to research online and search for a reputable and professional roofing company. We were searching for not only the very best roofing company but also a great price too. Then we came across Irish Roofers. We found them to be the most affordable for having our roof repaired and a very professional company when we spoke to them on the phone. They came and inspected our roof and we just needed some simple repairs. Here are some reasons why we choose Irish Roofers for repairing our shop roof.  
Irish Roofers are leading roofing contractors in Rathfarnham, Dublin. They are in a suitable and ideal location for our business. Irish roofers are a dependable and reputable roofing company with some fantastic customer reviews. They provide the highest quality and affordable roofing service. We received a quote and were very happy. They were extremely helpful and friendly. We would highly recommend Irish roofers’ to anyone who needs their roof repaired or a completely new build.  

Irish roofers are local, and Irish operated

Irish roofers are Irish owned and local roofing contractors. We felt it was necessary to have our roofing contractor on our doorstep. They went above and beyond to help us. Their roofing experts are fully trained to perform expert repair and replacement work.  


They have many years of experience in the roofing industry. With their experience, you know you are receiving only the best work and the most experienced roofers on the market. If you need any advice or have any questions, they are always ready to answer them. They offered us the best advice, so we felt in safe hands.  

Exceptional workmanship

All professional roofers are fully insured and licensed. They offer exceptional workmanship with fully qualified and certified roofers. Our roof was repaired to the highest standards of workmanship, we couldn’t have been happier with the way it turned out. They were 100% committed to our project and we were very happy with the result.  

Highest level of customer service

Irish Roofers were 100% fully committed to providing the highest level of customer service. They were dedicated and consistent when we needed them during the roof repairing. When we needed to speak to them regarding our roof repairing, they were very happy to speak to us anytime with no hassle. they were always very welcoming and friendly on the phone or in person. Customer service was second to none.  

They are your one-stop-shop for all your roofing needs

Irish roofers provide a wide range of roofing services these including new roof installations, roof repairs, flat roofing, slate roofing, chimney repairs, and more. All your roofing needs all in one place, with a dedication to every customer, experience, and quality-price all in one place.  

Digital Display

Benefits of Branding Signage & Digital Displays for Shops

Your business is more than its products, service, and logo. it is an entire experience. 8 out of 10 consumers have entered a store due to the digital signage display that caught their eye. With impressive statistics like this, there is no doubt that signage is the way forward and the future of retail and shop marketing. As a business owner, one of your main thoughts should be standing out from the crowd. Your brand is the backbone of your business. You must become recognized by the general public. Digital displays are made up of a variety of technologies used to replace traditional media and print in the retail environment in a visually dynamic form. So, let’s look at the benefits of branding signage and digital displays for shops.

Digital signs help educate and inform

Digital signs are excellent educational tools because they use and combine graphics, sound, animation, and text to introduce and illustrate concepts more effectively than traditional bulletin boards or signs.

Builds brand awareness

The greater the recognition your brand is, the easier it is for you to affect attitudes and perceptions. You can tell your company story without even having to speak. Signage will tell your customers what they need to know about your business. A brand that is recognizable to a consumer will build trust. Building brand awareness can contribute to customer retention, increased sales, and membership enrollment.

Digital signage is a rich content

Electronic digital display signs can economically and easily show the customer made motion, videos, internet content, live data, audio, and photography.

Reduces perceived waiting times

The best way of improving your customer experience in store are to keep your customers entertained. Digital signs will give them something to do and pass the time while they wait in line to speak to a staff member. As a result of this your perceived waiting times have reduced. According to a study, people who wait in line for more than 3 minutes start to overestimate their actual wait times.

Increases sales

Well thought out and quality signs can help generate unplanned impulse buying and sales. Always place your signage in the right location of your store. Signs placed on the outside window or behind the checkout counter can inspire and direct customers to purchase which in turn leads to increased sales.

Competitive advantage

Standing out from your competitors can be a big challenge for a lot of businesses today. Signs can make a huge difference between customers choosing your business over your competitors. A unique and creative sign can draw customers into your store. Your signs location plays a role in providing your business with a competitive edge. You’re in-store digital displays will add benefit in ways of consumers discovering your brand.

Decreases administration costs

Digital signs can be sometimes expensive to have installed into your store, however in the long term they will save you money on your administration and printing costs. Digital signs are one-time cost equipment which is generally regarded as a cost-effective investment. Digital signage is easier to comply with changing situations and will create a more consistent brand experience across your franchise.

Communication enhancing

Signs represent your business and are a visible form and way of communicating. Window graphics and digital signs can impact how a store performs. Consumers will make informed decisions about your shop in relation to the attractiveness and quality of your signs. Your brand exposure will increase and will result in repeat business and customer Acquisition.

Cost-effective marketing tool

Signs are a cost-effective marketing tool for any business. They are visible 365 days a year compared to other forms of advertising. Your brand should be recognisable by using the same colours, themes, and fonts consistently. It will allow consumers to start a trusting relationship with you and your retail shop.

The content can be customised

Digitalised display market is also known as narrowcasting because you can completely tailor your content on your display to suit your business and target a specific audience. This will allow you to communicate with your audience and send the right message across.

Digital signage is more eye-catching and memorable than static media

If you have ever walked past a digital sign or television in a public setting, it really is difficult not to look at the screen. There is something about the combination of moving content and glowing lights that will draw someone’s eye to the screen.

They have the versatility to sell, entertain, and inform

Digital signs can employ all the techniques and tools available to both the internet and the television to engage and captivate the audience in ways that are more versatile. Communication needs to be varied and static messaging tends to be quite limited, it is good for informing but not very good for captivating a viewer.

How SEO Can Grow your Online Clothing Business

For any business to survive in Ireland you depend on sales, and in this modern world, to increase your sales you must have a great digital presence online. If you want your online business to gain sales and increase your organic traffic than it is essential to have Search engine optimisation in place. When a customer shops online they are always seeking a specific thing. Some want a specific sizing, colour, or certain features, while others may want it from a specific business. Optimisating an online clothing business can be time-consuming because there are hundreds of products in numerous categories to be optimised, however, the benefits of using the best SEO Dublin companies in the long term are worth the effort and the time. Your business website should provide a positive ROI for your brand, effectively engage with audiences, and attract users to your site. Here are some of the best SEO tips to get your clothing business growing.

What is SEO? 

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation, it is a process of optimising the content of a website such as images, keywords, and text to rank a website on search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing thus improve the overall rankings of the site. SEO improves the traffic quality and the volume to your site from several searching engines.

A search engine performs various activities to achieve top results. These include the following:

    • Indexing – indexing is performed by an index creation, fetching all web pages and storing them a big database where you can retrieve when it is needed. Index means to identify the expressions and the words which best describes the specific pages and the assignment of that page to keywords.
    • Crawling – all the pages that are linked to a website will be fetched. This process is completed through software such as a spider or crawler.
    • Retrieving Results – only the results that are best matched will be retrieved by being displayed in the browser.
    • Processing – after receiving a search request, the search engine compares the search string in the search request with the database indexed pages.

How SEO can help grow your business?

The use of social media and the internet is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, a lot of companies are making an investment in SEO as part of their marketing for the business. SEO can help your business to reach its full potential and overtake your rivals along the way.

    • Greater conversion rate 

A conversion rate is the people who are your new customers to the number of people in total who have visited your website. SEO will bring visitors to your site that are genuine and who have an interest in your company. Thus, will increase your conversion rate by converting visitors to customers and sales increases.

    • Search engine rankings will greatly increase 

With SEO increasing your website rankings, the traffic may be diverted to your web pages. If you are looking to establish your business in the present market trend, SEO and getting your business ranking is essential.

    • Customer engagement 

It is important to have customer engagement to make improvement to any service or product. Once your web site and blogs have been optimised, you are in a lot better position to gain invaluable insights for improving your products and services and also to engage with your customers efficiently. By utilising your customer’s opinions, they will develop a more trusting and friendlier relationship with you, therefore, boosting your chances of more profit for your business. SEO marketing will enhance and promote your website presence.

    • Brand awareness 

Your website must be visible to make your brand more popular online. Brand awareness is generated through being in the top search engine results thus gaining your visitors to your site. Higher rankings with multiple keywords play a major role in brand awareness.

Why search engine rankings are important 

SEO for retail sites takes effort and time, but it is necessary for building a successful online clothing business. Here are some of the benefits of ranking well in search engines like Google.

    • Increases credibility 

To determine any business and website rankings, the search engine’s main priority is to provide only high-quality results and rankings every time. The higher your website ranks, your credibility, and authority will increase amongst prospective and current shoppers.

    • More clicks 

The top 5 search results on a search engine like Google will get 68% of the clicks from the people searching online. There is very little chance that your website will be seen or paid any attention to if you are not among the top 5 results on search engines. Let’s face it people do not want to spend half their time scrolling past the 1st few options.

    • A decrease in marketing costs 

If your website ranks in the top search results, your business will be in front of all the potential new shoppers automatically at a fraction of the cost of a marketing campaign. Organic searches will generate more revenue than paid search. Therefore, SEO will enable you to bring in more business for a lot less money.

SEO is good for promoting your business through social media. People who find your website through Yahoo or Google there is more potential to promote it on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

SEO can place your website in first page positions and in number one ranking on all search engines. An optimised website that is selling products, or a service will outrank any other competitors increasing your number of customers and your sales.

Once your site is in the top positions for specific keywords that you wish to rank this will increase the trust of your website.

SEO Tips 

    • Your content should be shareable across various platforms which helps drive traffic to the site. Your social profiles should include widgets and share buttons on each page. Give your visitors the option to share articles or products that they might find interesting to their family or friends.
    • Optimise your site to enable mobile viewing. More than half of e-commerce traffic comes from mobile searches. Since more shoppers are purchasing and browsing online through their mobile phones it is necessary to ensure your site is optimised for mobile viewing. It is important to use easy to read the text, clear images, and large and simple layouts.
    • SEO campaigns for online businesses are only successful if the right keywords are used. You can only use keyword research tools like keyword tool and ubersuggest to allow you to discover the phrases and the keywords that people search online to find the products you sell. Relevant keywords should be incorporated into page URLs, product copy, and other searchable content, as well as fabrics, sizes, colours, and other information that potential customers may use as search criteria.
    • A website will rank better and higher the more pages you have than with fewer pages. Being a retail business, you will have an advantage as each product can have its own page. Interesting content, blogs, and testimonials can also help rank your site. Keep your site fresh and updated with relevant and current information which in turn will help boost and rank your site higher on search engines.

What Should Mother Of The Bride Wear?

Historically the mother hasn’t been treated very kindly – shades of beige, pastel or old-fashioned dresses. They were frumpy, to say the least.

Luckily they are free from such disasters nowadays, but with fewer guidelines, what should they wear instead? There are endless options, so here are some of the most popular.

Let The Bride Decide

She may have a clear vision of how she sees you, but you won’t know until you ask. Maybe she wants something bright or more formal – let her have an input.

If she isn’t clear and would like you to pick, make sure you match the tone of the event. You will be part of the wedding party so clearly visible for everyone to see.

Maybe you have a black-tie dress in mind, but she wants something more informal. This is when you have to fight your urges and tone it down.

Stay On Theme

Your dress needs to compliment the bride and her color-theme. You don’t have to match exactly, but be close enough that it doesn’t clash.

You can wait to see what color the bride chooses for her bridesmaids and pick a tone that matches or at least compliments. If they are wearing black, you can pick gray for example.

The one golden rule is to stay away from the bride’s dress. This is her day and all eyes should be on her and her only.

Be Venue Appropriate

If your bride has chosen a church wedding, you can’t wear a strapless dress, but you could on the beach. The same way you might need a jacket for an outdoor wedding, but you will be safe in a venue.

So what if your perfect dress isn’t exactly right? Don’t be afraid to accessorize.

The perfect dress that is a little revealing can be dressed up with a wrap and a plain dress can be made smarter with the right hat. You need to be elegant and appropriate, but not eye-catching.

Let The Bride Know

Once you have made your decision, let her know your choice, but you should aim for around three months before the wedding. This allows time for alterations and details the bride might want.

You should also have a conversation with the mother of the groom to check that your dresses aren’t the same or too different. There will be a lot of photos, so there must be no surprises!

What Does Being Mother Of The Bride Mean?

Your role as mother of the bridge depends on your daughter – some will want you to help with every decision, while others will want to remain independent. These factors will decide whether you are extremely involved or will take more of a back seat.

Duties aside, there are some things you are traditionally expected to do and some things you should volunteer to help with. Even the most independent bride will appreciate some support with the admin of her big day.

Picking The Dress

This can be one of the most difficult decisions of every wedding – trying to find the perfect mother of the bride dresses. As the mother, you know what suits your daughter and what doesn’t.

It’s your job to sometimes be the bad guy and tell her what is working and what isn’t. She will be needing honest feedback as this is a memory she will have forever.

Even if you can’t be there in person, try and be active in the decision-making process. But remember – if her favorite dress isn’t yours – let her be happy with the decision.

Passing On Family Heirlooms And Traditions

As the tradition goes – a bride will need something old for good luck on her wedding day. This is the perfect opportunity for a thoughtful gesture.

It doesn’t have to be great-grandmas lost engagement ring – even a piece of your own jewelry that she’s always liked will be a loving gesture.

Starting this tradition means she can pass it on to her daughter and you will be remembered for generations.

Editing The Guest List

Weddings are expensive – there’s no denying it – but how does a bride make cuts from her family and friends? This is where the mother of the bride can step in.

You can offer insight on how to cut down the numbers – who to invite to the ceremony, or the reception, or both. By volunteering yourself as the bad guy (temporarily) it can take the pressure off the bride.

Unofficial Wedding Planner

Even though the bride is making all the big decisions, you can take care of all the admin. Being in contact with the caterers, florists, entertainers, etc. means that you can make sure everything runs smoothly.

You will be the second set of eyes for any contracts and help fix any problems that crop up. This is regular mother duties x100 and your experience can make the difference.

Calming Nerves

Your wedding is an emotional day for many reasons. There is sure to be tension because there always is at family affairs, but mum is there to help.

Even if your daughter is lashing out, you need to remind her that she is very loved and everyone is there to celebrate her.

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