Benefits of Branding Signage & Digital Displays for Shops

Digital Display

Your business is more than its products, service, and logo. it is an entire experience. 8 out of 10 consumers have entered a store due to the digital signage display that caught their eye. With impressive statistics like this, there is no doubt that signage is the way forward and the future of retail and shop marketing. As a business owner, one of your main thoughts should be standing out from the crowd. Your brand is the backbone of your business. You must become recognized by the general public. Digital displays are made up of a variety of technologies used to replace traditional media and print in the retail environment in a visually dynamic form. So, let’s look at the benefits of branding signage and digital displays for shops.

Digital signs help educate and inform

Digital signs are excellent educational tools because they use and combine graphics, sound, animation, and text to introduce and illustrate concepts more effectively than traditional bulletin boards or signs.

Builds brand awareness

The greater the recognition your brand is, the easier it is for you to affect attitudes and perceptions. You can tell your company story without even having to speak. Signage will tell your customers what they need to know about your business. A brand that is recognizable to a consumer will build trust. Building brand awareness can contribute to customer retention, increased sales, and membership enrollment.

Digital signage is a rich content

Electronic digital display signs can economically and easily show the customer made motion, videos, internet content, live data, audio, and photography.

Reduces perceived waiting times

The best way of improving your customer experience in store are to keep your customers entertained. Digital signs will give them something to do and pass the time while they wait in line to speak to a staff member. As a result of this your perceived waiting times have reduced. According to a study, people who wait in line for more than 3 minutes start to overestimate their actual wait times.

Increases sales

Well thought out and quality signs can help generate unplanned impulse buying and sales. Always place your signage in the right location of your store. Signs placed on the outside window or behind the checkout counter can inspire and direct customers to purchase which in turn leads to increased sales.

Competitive advantage

Standing out from your competitors can be a big challenge for a lot of businesses today. Signs can make a huge difference between customers choosing your business over your competitors. A unique and creative sign can draw customers into your store. Your signs location plays a role in providing your business with a competitive edge. You’re in-store digital displays will add benefit in ways of consumers discovering your brand.

Decreases administration costs

Digital signs can be sometimes expensive to have installed into your store, however in the long term they will save you money on your administration and printing costs. Digital signs are one-time cost equipment which is generally regarded as a cost-effective investment. Digital signage is easier to comply with changing situations and will create a more consistent brand experience across your franchise.

Communication enhancing

Signs represent your business and are a visible form and way of communicating. Window graphics and digital signs can impact how a store performs. Consumers will make informed decisions about your shop in relation to the attractiveness and quality of your signs. Your brand exposure will increase and will result in repeat business and customer Acquisition.

Cost-effective marketing tool

Signs are a cost-effective marketing tool for any business. They are visible 365 days a year compared to other forms of advertising. Your brand should be recognisable by using the same colours, themes, and fonts consistently. It will allow consumers to start a trusting relationship with you and your retail shop.

The content can be customised

Digitalised display market is also known as narrowcasting because you can completely tailor your content on your display to suit your business and target a specific audience. This will allow you to communicate with your audience and send the right message across.

Digital signage is more eye-catching and memorable than static media

If you have ever walked past a digital sign or television in a public setting, it really is difficult not to look at the screen. There is something about the combination of moving content and glowing lights that will draw someone’s eye to the screen.

They have the versatility to sell, entertain, and inform

Digital signs can employ all the techniques and tools available to both the internet and the television to engage and captivate the audience in ways that are more versatile. Communication needs to be varied and static messaging tends to be quite limited, it is good for informing but not very good for captivating a viewer.