How SEO Can Grow your Online Clothing Business

For any business to survive in Ireland you depend on sales, and in this modern world, to increase your sales you must have a great digital presence online. If you want your online business to gain sales and increase your organic traffic than it is essential to have Search engine optimisation in place. When a customer shops online they are always seeking a specific thing. Some want a specific sizing, colour, or certain features, while others may want it from a specific business. Optimisating an online clothing business can be time-consuming because there are hundreds of products in numerous categories to be optimised, however, the benefits of using the best SEO Dublin companies in the long term are worth the effort and the time. Your business website should provide a positive ROI for your brand, effectively engage with audiences, and attract users to your site. Here are some of the best SEO tips to get your clothing business growing.

What is SEO? 

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation, it is a process of optimising the content of a website such as images, keywords, and text to rank a website on search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing thus improve the overall rankings of the site. SEO improves the traffic quality and the volume to your site from several searching engines.

A search engine performs various activities to achieve top results. These include the following:

    • Indexing – indexing is performed by an index creation, fetching all web pages and storing them a big database where you can retrieve when it is needed. Index means to identify the expressions and the words which best describes the specific pages and the assignment of that page to keywords.
    • Crawling – all the pages that are linked to a website will be fetched. This process is completed through software such as a spider or crawler.
    • Retrieving Results – only the results that are best matched will be retrieved by being displayed in the browser.
    • Processing – after receiving a search request, the search engine compares the search string in the search request with the database indexed pages.

How SEO can help grow your business?

The use of social media and the internet is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, a lot of companies are making an investment in SEO as part of their marketing for the business. SEO can help your business to reach its full potential and overtake your rivals along the way.

    • Greater conversion rate 

A conversion rate is the people who are your new customers to the number of people in total who have visited your website. SEO will bring visitors to your site that are genuine and who have an interest in your company. Thus, will increase your conversion rate by converting visitors to customers and sales increases.

    • Search engine rankings will greatly increase 

With SEO increasing your website rankings, the traffic may be diverted to your web pages. If you are looking to establish your business in the present market trend, SEO and getting your business ranking is essential.

    • Customer engagement 

It is important to have customer engagement to make improvement to any service or product. Once your web site and blogs have been optimised, you are in a lot better position to gain invaluable insights for improving your products and services and also to engage with your customers efficiently. By utilising your customer’s opinions, they will develop a more trusting and friendlier relationship with you, therefore, boosting your chances of more profit for your business. SEO marketing will enhance and promote your website presence.

    • Brand awareness 

Your website must be visible to make your brand more popular online. Brand awareness is generated through being in the top search engine results thus gaining your visitors to your site. Higher rankings with multiple keywords play a major role in brand awareness.

Why search engine rankings are important 

SEO for retail sites takes effort and time, but it is necessary for building a successful online clothing business. Here are some of the benefits of ranking well in search engines like Google.

    • Increases credibility 

To determine any business and website rankings, the search engine’s main priority is to provide only high-quality results and rankings every time. The higher your website ranks, your credibility, and authority will increase amongst prospective and current shoppers.

    • More clicks 

The top 5 search results on a search engine like Google will get 68% of the clicks from the people searching online. There is very little chance that your website will be seen or paid any attention to if you are not among the top 5 results on search engines. Let’s face it people do not want to spend half their time scrolling past the 1st few options.

    • A decrease in marketing costs 

If your website ranks in the top search results, your business will be in front of all the potential new shoppers automatically at a fraction of the cost of a marketing campaign. Organic searches will generate more revenue than paid search. Therefore, SEO will enable you to bring in more business for a lot less money.

SEO is good for promoting your business through social media. People who find your website through Yahoo or Google there is more potential to promote it on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

SEO can place your website in first page positions and in number one ranking on all search engines. An optimised website that is selling products, or a service will outrank any other competitors increasing your number of customers and your sales.

Once your site is in the top positions for specific keywords that you wish to rank this will increase the trust of your website.

SEO Tips 

    • Your content should be shareable across various platforms which helps drive traffic to the site. Your social profiles should include widgets and share buttons on each page. Give your visitors the option to share articles or products that they might find interesting to their family or friends.
    • Optimise your site to enable mobile viewing. More than half of e-commerce traffic comes from mobile searches. Since more shoppers are purchasing and browsing online through their mobile phones it is necessary to ensure your site is optimised for mobile viewing. It is important to use easy to read the text, clear images, and large and simple layouts.
    • SEO campaigns for online businesses are only successful if the right keywords are used. You can only use keyword research tools like keyword tool and ubersuggest to allow you to discover the phrases and the keywords that people search online to find the products you sell. Relevant keywords should be incorporated into page URLs, product copy, and other searchable content, as well as fabrics, sizes, colours, and other information that potential customers may use as search criteria.
    • A website will rank better and higher the more pages you have than with fewer pages. Being a retail business, you will have an advantage as each product can have its own page. Interesting content, blogs, and testimonials can also help rank your site. Keep your site fresh and updated with relevant and current information which in turn will help boost and rank your site higher on search engines.