What Does Being Mother Of The Bride Mean?

Your role as mother of the bridge depends on your daughter – some will want you to help with every decision, while others will want to remain independent. These factors will decide whether you are extremely involved or will take more of a back seat.

Duties aside, there are some things you are traditionally expected to do and some things you should volunteer to help with. Even the most independent bride will appreciate some support with the admin of her big day.

Picking The Dress

This can be one of the most difficult decisions of every wedding – trying to find the perfect mother of the bride dresses. As the mother, you know what suits your daughter and what doesn’t.

It’s your job to sometimes be the bad guy and tell her what is working and what isn’t. She will be needing honest feedback as this is a memory she will have forever.

Even if you can’t be there in person, try and be active in the decision-making process. But remember – if her favorite dress isn’t yours – let her be happy with the decision.

Passing On Family Heirlooms And Traditions

As the tradition goes – a bride will need something old for good luck on her wedding day. This is the perfect opportunity for a thoughtful gesture.

It doesn’t have to be great-grandmas lost engagement ring – even a piece of your own jewelry that she’s always liked will be a loving gesture.

Starting this tradition means she can pass it on to her daughter and you will be remembered for generations.

Editing The Guest List

Weddings are expensive – there’s no denying it – but how does a bride make cuts from her family and friends? This is where the mother of the bride can step in.

You can offer insight on how to cut down the numbers – who to invite to the ceremony, or the reception, or both. By volunteering yourself as the bad guy (temporarily) it can take the pressure off the bride.

Unofficial Wedding Planner

Even though the bride is making all the big decisions, you can take care of all the admin. Being in contact with the caterers, florists, entertainers, etc. means that you can make sure everything runs smoothly.

You will be the second set of eyes for any contracts and help fix any problems that crop up. This is regular mother duties x100 and your experience can make the difference.

Calming Nerves

Your wedding is an emotional day for many reasons. There is sure to be tension because there always is at family affairs, but mum is there to help.

Even if your daughter is lashing out, you need to remind her that she is very loved and everyone is there to celebrate her.