What Should Mother Of The Bride Wear?

Historically the mother hasn’t been treated very kindly – shades of beige, pastel or old-fashioned dresses. They were frumpy, to say the least.

Luckily they are free from such disasters nowadays, but with fewer guidelines, what should they wear instead? There are endless options, so here are some of the most popular.

Let The Bride Decide

She may have a clear vision of how she sees you, but you won’t know until you ask. Maybe she wants something bright or more formal – let her have an input.

If she isn’t clear and would like you to pick, make sure you match the tone of the event. You will be part of the wedding party so clearly visible for everyone to see.

Maybe you have a black-tie dress in mind, but she wants something more informal. This is when you have to fight your urges and tone it down.

Stay On Theme

Your dress needs to compliment the bride and her color-theme. You don’t have to match exactly, but be close enough that it doesn’t clash.

You can wait to see what color the bride chooses for her bridesmaids and pick a tone that matches or at least compliments. If they are wearing black, you can pick gray for example.

The one golden rule is to stay away from the bride’s dress. This is her day and all eyes should be on her and her only.

Be Venue Appropriate

If your bride has chosen a church wedding, you can’t wear a strapless dress, but you could on the beach. The same way you might need a jacket for an outdoor wedding, but you will be safe in a venue.

So what if your perfect dress isn’t exactly right? Don’t be afraid to accessorize.

The perfect dress that is a little revealing can be dressed up with a wrap and a plain dress can be made smarter with the right hat. You need to be elegant and appropriate, but not eye-catching.

Let The Bride Know

Once you have made your decision, let her know your choice, but you should aim for around three months before the wedding. This allows time for alterations and details the bride might want.

You should also have a conversation with the mother of the groom to check that your dresses aren’t the same or too different. There will be a lot of photos, so there must be no surprises!